The economic history of Styria dates back several millennia to the era of salt production, with the first traces of iron production appearing over 500 years ago. The University of Graz has a history dating back 430 years, the University of Technology has been around for over 200 years and the University of Leoben was founded 175 years ago.

It goes without saying that this history, closely entwined with science and research, is also rooted in tradition. And in Styria there is no greater tradition than the courage to embrace change and to strive for innovation. As the decline in traditional industries began to loom during the 1970s, economic and political players joined forces in a pioneering transformation of the Styrian industrial landscape. Today the focus is on strengths that account for the region’s global economic success.


The province of Styria is a region noted for its highly motivated and technologically-oriented entrepreneurs. The Styrian economy is characterised by its active creativity and strong commitment to innovation, its highly educated people, excellent entrepreneurial leaders and, above all, by its new and original technological developments. Moreover, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are taking advantage of Styria as being a perfect place for start-ups. This leads to prosperity, security and – of course – creates job opportunities for the locals.

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