Austria is a fascinating country: it is not only a synonym for economic success, efficiency and strong performance, but also equally famed for its hospitality, heartbeat and exceptional brand of congeniality. Located at the heart of Europe, the country offers a unique blend of qualities, echoing the motto of “opposites attract”.

Austria − the world’s greatest host

Austria has earned itself a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s most hospitable hosts. Whether the Salzburg Festival or the Vienna Opera Ball, the Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert, the Eurovision Song Contest or the Lifeball, World Ski Championships or European Football Championships: what makes our hospitality stand out is an unrivalled combination of perfect organisation – both on a large scale and in detail – and a public that is as fair as it is enthusiastic.

Besides the events themselves, their venue is just as unforgettable for visiting guests. Wherever you look in Austria, you will find architectural gems showcasing European cultural history, alongside an abundance of natural and cultural landscapes packed into this compact nation. Delights for all the senses – guaranteed and awaiting all who visit.



For years, Austria has been top-listed in international rankings as a convenient location for meetings, events and conferences. Flexibility and professionalism are key factors in convincing a growing number of decision-makers from international associations and large corporations as well as from small businesses to host their events in Austria.