Winning the bid to host EuroSkills in Graz, Austria, is a strong incentive for keeping vocational education on the country’s national agenda for the Styrian Economic Chamber – together with Austria’s Federal Chamber of Commerce, the other provincial Chambers of Commerce and the countless supporters. The aim is to consolidate Austria’s position even more firmly in the future as a location of economic and educational excellence at national and international level.

For Austria, EuroSkills 2020 is a matter close to the heart. Austria has been participating in skills competitions for more than 50 years, thereby offering young, skilled workers the opportunity to compete with others in a professional contest. This is how our country’s track record at EuroSkills pans out: in terms of international rankings, Austria is at the top of the leaderboard.

We see this as acknowledgement of our solid education and training system that combines theory and practice and continuously builds on the foundations of long-standing tradition and the pursuit of innovation. Austria is a nation where young talent is systematically promoted, giving young people the opportunity to do their very best. This fantastic opportunity is something we wish to make known to a wider public.



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