President on promotional tour for EuroSkills 2020


Since Graz was announced as the host city for EuroSkills in 2020, preparations have been in full swing. President Josef Herk, as EuroSkills representative, has been visiting the Economic Parliaments in Austria’s other provinces. The aim of these visits is to convince the officials of the various Economic Chambers to act as multipliers to promote the event.

This autumn, the tour passed through the Provinces of Tyrol, Salzburg and Burgenland. The President and the two managing directors, Harald del Negro and Angelika Ledineg, have received an extremely warm welcome in all Provinces. Detailed information brochures and a presentation by Josef Herk have been instrumental in winning over important key stakeholders as partners for mobilizing more support. The members of the chambers even turned out to be true supporters of the Skills Championships, by signing up to become part of EuroSkills 2020.



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