First meeting of workshop managers

The first kick-off meeting of the prospective Workshop Managers took place on Thursday 16 November and Friday 17 November. Teachers, skilled workers and business managers from all areas of work gained an initial insight into their future responsibilities as Workshop Managers. The attendees were welcomed by President Josef Herk and the two EuroSkills managing directors Harald del Negro and Angelika Ledineg. Our technical manager, Stefan Praschl, then gave a comprehensive explanation of the tasks awaiting the team.

An essential task to be fulfilled by the Workshop Managers is to ensure the smooth running of the competitions to be held in 2020. The attendees, who will be responsible for organising and preparing the workshops, will be trained and prepared extensively in these areas. English and project management will also be part of their agenda. The training will not only be theoretical, but will also involve attendance at AustrianSkills 2018 in Salzburg and EuroSkills 2018 in Budapest, where the future Workshop Managers will shadow their colleagues and provide hands-on assistance. During the European Skills Championships 2020 in Graz they will also have major responsibility for correctly setting up of their assigned working areas and ensuring that the competitions run smoothly.



The team is not yet complete, however.


We look forward to receiving your application for the role of Workshop Manager at the European Skills Championships 2020 in Graz.




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